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Dining options

Whether it is Krishna Valley’s restaurant or the guesthouse’s snackbar we ensure that you will enjoy everything you taste.

Krishna Valley offers several dining options for guests. You are welcome to choose between our Govinda’s restaurant, temple cooked meals, the guesthouse snackbar or the Deity department meals. We will not allow you to go hungry!

Govinda’s restaurant

Our restaurant awaits Krishna-Valley’s guests with a wide variety of meals. Choose either buffet style meals or some of our snacks and desserts. 

Opening hours:

March 1st – April 30th and October 1st – October 31st
Friday – Sunday: 11:30-17:30
Tuesday – Thursday: 11:30-15:00

May 1st – September 30th
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:30-17:30

Temple kitchen

Meals cooked daily for our resident volunteers of Krishna Valley. Guests are also invited to join.

Opening hours:

Open all year round,
Breakfast served at 8:30
Lunch served at 13:00

Kamala snackbar

If you are looking for something small to snack on or just feel like having something else while other dining options are not available, the snack bar is just the place for you.

Deity department

The meals cooked for the Deities on the altar are known for their exquisite taste and their special spiritual potency. 
More details are available onsite.