Kamala Bhavan single room with shared bathroom

Our single room at the Kamala Bhavan allows complete privacy and comfort in a budget price.

Our Kamala guesthouse, being our main facility, houses the reception area as well as 4 dormitory rooms and one single room all with shared bathroom facilities. It is located only 1100m (20 mins walk) from the temple and merely a few steps away from the farm’s main entrance.

Gurudeva Bhavan en-suite single room

Breakfast is included in the room price.

The single room is located on the ground floor of the guesthouse and has an attached bathroom.

Our Gurudeva Bhavan is our most exquisite guesthouse being located directly in the center of the Krishna Valley project and merely 70m from our temple. Offering both en-suite rooms as well as shared bathroom dormitory rooms, one is able to enjoy the closeness to the temple in the most comfortable of settings. Although there are no electricity lines on the farm, the guesthouse is powered by solar panels that never fail our guests.