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General Terma & Conditions

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effective from: 2023-11-23

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Dear Guests!
Please read the provisions of these GTC before booking services on www.vendehaz.krisnavolgy.hu.
If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, the use of the website, the services, the booking process or if you would like to discuss your specific requirements with us, please contact us using one of the contact details provided.

1. Company details

Details of the Service Provider: name: VÉNU Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Registered office: 8699 Somogyvámos, Bhaktivedanta Swami sétány 6. Address for correspondence: 8699 Somogyvámos, Bhaktivedanta Swami sétány 6.
Registering authority: Cégbírósága Cégbírósága Kaposvári Törvényszék
Company registration number: 14-09-304851
Tax number: 12778564-2-14 Representative: Krisztina Etelka Papp NTAK ID: EG23058571 (Kamala guesthouse) NTAK ID: EG21006919 (Gurudeva Bhavan)
Phone number: +36 (30) 239 9265
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: vendeghaz.krisnavolgy.hu
Bank account number: 10300002-10632408-49020012
Details of the hosting provider:
Name: Lál Ltd.
Postal address: 8699 Somogyvámos, Fő utca 38.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Accountant name, contact details
Phone number: 06 30 505 1266
Vénu Ltd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +36 (30) 239 9265

2. Concepts

Service Provider: the business providing services on the Website
Guest: a person who uses the services provided by the Service Provider and purchases services via the Website, by telephone or by email,
Parties: the Service Provider and the Guest together,
Service: the accommodation service on vendeghaz.krisnavolgy.hu and related additional services, Gift voucher (packages),
Service contract: any contract other than a sales contract under which a business provides or undertakes to provide a service to a consumer, including digital services;
Accommodation: any building, part of a building or area forming a single use, occupied or used for the purpose of providing accommodation services, and any building, part of a building or area used for the purpose of providing accommodation services, used for the purpose of providing accommodation services, used for rental purposes, in accordance with the Water Transport Act 2000. XLII. Act 87. § 29a. holiday boat, for the purposes of these GTC, a campsite and a guest house maintained by the Service Provider.
Distance contract: a consumer contract concluded without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties in the context of a distance sales system organised for the supply of the goods or services covered by the contract, where the parties use a means of distance communication only to conclude the contract.
Device for remote communication: a device that enables the parties to make a contractual statement in their absence in order to conclude a contract. Such means include, in particular, addressed or unaddressed printed matter, standard letters, advertisements with order forms published in the press, catalogues, telephones, faxes and Internet access devices.
Website: the vendeghaz.krisnavolgy.hu site

3. Relevant legislation

Hungarian law shall govern the issues not regulated in the GTC and the interpretation of the GTC, in particular with regard to

  1. 2013 on the Civil Code. Act V of 2007 (hereinafter: Civil Code),
  2. On certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services 2001. CVIII. Act (Ektv.)
  3. The Trade Regulation 2005. CLXIV. Act (hereinafter: Kertv.),
  4. The Consumer Protection Act 1997. CLV. Act (hereinafter: Consumer Protection Act),
  5. The European Commission has adopted a regulation on the prohibition of unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in 2008. XLVII. Act (hereinafter: Unfair Commercial Practices Act),
  6. The Freedom of Information Act of 2011 on the right of information self-determination and freedom of information. CXII. law (“Info tv.”),
  7. Local taxes 1990. Act C of 2006 (hereinafter referred to as the “Htv.”),
  8. The detailed conditions for the provision of accommodation services and the procedure for the issuance of accommodation management licences are set out in Decree 239/2009. (X.20.) Korm. Decree (hereinafter referred to as the “Accommodation Services Decree”).
  9. 45/2014 (II.26.) of the Government Decree No. Regulation on detailed rules for contracts between consumers and businesses

4. Scope and adoption of the GTC

The present GTC regulate the conditions of use of the accommodation facilities operated by the Service Provider and the related services provided by the Service Provider, the rights and obligations of the Service Provider and the Guest using the services, the conditions of the conclusion of the contract for the Service, the payment terms and the liability rules.
You must read the provisions of these GTC before finalising your order.

5. Language of the contract, form of the contract

The language of the contracts covered by these GTC is Hungarian. The contracts covered by these GTC are not considered as written contracts and are not registered by the Service Provider.

6. Prices of the Services

The prices indicated on the Service Provider’s website are gross prices in HUF, which include VAT and tourist tax.
The full amount of the Service is payable in advance at the time of booking.

Prices are per person per night for rooms with more than one bed and for camping in tents. “per person per night” for dormitory beds or bring your own tents and “per room per night” for all other room types.

Breakfast is included in the price of the accommodation!

The price of the Gurudeva Bhavan rooms also includes the price of the Krishna Valley entrance ticket.

In the case of gift cards, the price includes all services included in the package, and if the package includes accommodation, the price includes tourist tax.

The possibility that the Service Provider may change the prices for commercial policy reasons cannot be excluded. Price changes do not apply to contracts already concluded.

Misrepresentation or misstatement of the price of the Service

If the Service Provider has misrepresented the price and an order for the service has been received but the parties have not yet concluded a contract, the Service Provider shall proceed as follows:
It is considered to be an obvious misstatement of the price:

  • Price 0 Ft,
  • a price reduced by a discount but incorrectly indicating the discount (e.g.: in case of a 1000 HUF service, the Service offered for 500 HUF with a 20% discount indicated).

In the event of an incorrect price indication, the Service Provider will offer the possibility to purchase the Service at the real price, in the knowledge of which the Guest may decide whether to order the Service at the real price or to cancel the order without any adverse legal consequences.

7. Scope of Services that can be ordered

The Service Provider provides the following services:

1. Accommodation services, additional services

You can book accommodation on our website, by phone and by email, with optional additional services such as:

  • Henna painting.
  • Meals with half board
  • Meals with full board
  • entrance ticket to Krishna Valley (adult, senior, student, family ticket), except: Gurudeva Bhavan rooms included
  • Ox cart rides
  • Towel
  • Laundry service

On the Website, the Service Provider will indicate in detail the types of accommodation available (such as guest house, camping) and will display descriptions and photos of them.

2. Gift card – accommodation packages

Guests have the option to purchase the accommodation service and additional services together in the form of a Gift Card. Our current package offers can be found under the “Booking” section of the website under the “Gift Card” heading. The Gift Card can be used for the services specified in the description on the Website. The Gift Card will be delivered primarily by electronic means, but the Guest may also request that it be delivered by post. The Guest may redeem the Gift Card after consultation with the Service Provider, following confirmation of the Service Provider’s approval.

Package offers may include the following services (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Guided tour
  • Workshops
  • Ox cart tour.

The Gift Card cannot be redeemed, it cannot be exchanged for cash. The Gift Card is non-transferable. The Gift Card will expire after the redemption period, unless extended by the Service Provider.

The validity period of the Gift Cards, the exact content of the packages, the method and conditions of redemption of the Gift Card are described in detail on the Website for each Gift Card and package!

8. Ordering and booking procedure

The Guest may order the services provided by the Service Provider on vendeghaz.krisnavolgy.hu directly through the online booking system on vendeghaz.krisnavolgy.hu, as well as by placing an order by phone or email.

8.1 Procedure for placing an order and making a reservation online

8.1.1 Selection of the Accommodation Service, booking procedure, finalising the reservation

Click on “Accommodation” on the website to see the accommodation available for booking with the Service Provider. Click on the “Details” or “Booking” button next to the accommodation to see a detailed description of the accommodation with pictures. To make a reservation, you must first enter the check-in and check-out dates using the calendar on the right-hand side of the page, then enter the number of adults and children. By clicking on the “check availability” button, the system will indicate whether the specific accommodation can be booked between the selected arrival and departure dates, and will also list other accommodation available for the selected period.

If you are happy with the accommodation you have chosen, you can continue your booking by clicking on the “Book” button. Pressing the “Book” button will take the visitor to a summary page (the “Confirm Booking” summary page), showing the check-in and check-out dates and the type of accommodation. Here you must confirm the number of people staying, i.e. adults and children, and then enter the full name of the Guest making the reservation. On this page you can also select additional services by ticking the checkbox next to the service. The price of the selected accommodation and, if applicable, the price of the services selected for it will be added together and the total will be displayed.

After selecting the services, you will be asked to enter your first and last name, email address, phone number, billing address under the heading ‘Your information’. In the comment section you can enter any questions or other requests you may have about your reservation.

Choosing a payment method

On the summary page, after entering your billing details, you need to select the payment method.

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  1. Credit card
  2. Direct bank transfer
  3. Paypal

Finalising and sending the reservation

By ticking the check box, the Guest declares that he/she has read these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Without this acceptance, the reservation cannot be sent. By clicking on the “Book now” button, the guest finalizes the order.

The User acknowledges that by clicking on the “Book now” button, he/she is obliged to pay.

Confirming your reservation

After sending the reservation, the Guest will receive an email confirmation of the reservation.

For bookings covered by these GTC, you are considered to be the contracting party. By clicking on the “Book now” button, you expressly acknowledge that your offer is deemed to have been made and that your declaration will be subject to payment in the event of automatic confirmation by the Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as “automatic confirmation”). You are bound by your offer for a period of 48 hours. If your offer is not confirmed by the Service Provider within 48 hours in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, you are released from your obligation to make an offer.

The Service Provider is not responsible if the automatic confirmation is not received by the Guest because he/she has provided the wrong email address or the storage space of his/her mail system is full and he/she could not receive the mail.

The automatic confirmation may be sent to the spam folder of the mail system, so it is up to the Guest to check this. If the automatic confirmation is not received by the Guest, the Guest must contact the Service Provider.

8.1.2. Choosing a gift card, how to book, how to place an order

Gift Cards offered by the Service Provider are available under the Booking section of the Website, which include additional services in addition to accommodation services as a package.

The detailed content of the Gift Cards that appear when you click on “Book” will be displayed when you click on “Order”. The add to cart button is used to add the selected gift card to the cart, which will display a cart button above the gift card, which the Guest can click to finalize the order. Clicking on the cart button will display the contents of your cart, with the selected service and its price. Clicking on the “proceed to checkout” button will take you to the checkout page, where you can finalise your order by clicking on the “Submit order” button after entering your billing details.

Choosing a payment method

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  1. Credit card
  2. Direct bank transfer
  3. Paypal

Finalising and sending the order

By ticking the check box, the Guest declares that he/she has read these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Without this acceptance, the reservation cannot be sent. The guest finalizes the order by clicking on the “Submit Order” button.

The User acknowledges that by clicking on the “Submit Order” button, a payment obligation arises.

8.1.3. Confirmation of the reservation, conclusion of the contract

After sending the reservation, the Guest will receive an email confirmation of the reservation.

For bookings covered by these GTC, you are considered to be the contracting party. By clicking on the “Submit Order” button, you expressly acknowledge that your offer is deemed to have been made and that your declaration will be subject to payment in the event of automatic confirmation by the Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as automatic confirmation). You are bound by your offer for a period of 48 hours. If your offer is not confirmed by the Service Provider within 48 hours in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, you are released from your obligation to make an offer.

The Service Provider is not responsible if the automatic confirmation is not received by the Guest because he/she has provided the wrong email address or the storage space of his/her mail system is full and he/she could not receive the mail.

The contract is concluded between the Service Provider and the Guest if the Service Provider confirms the Guest’s offer by e-mail within 48 hours after the Guest’s booking has been sent (hereinafter referred to as the “order confirmation”), with which it sends a confirmation of the availability of the booking. The contract is concluded when the order confirmation email sent by the Service Provider becomes available to the Customer in his mail system.

If the Guest does not receive an order confirmation, please contact the Supplier. The order confirmation may be sent to the spam folder of the mail system, so it is the Guest’s responsibility to check it.

8.1.4. Correction of data entry errors – Responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided

You will always have the opportunity to change the information you have entered during the booking process before finalising your order (clicking on the back button in the browser will open the previous page, so you can correct the information you have entered even if you have already moved to the next page). Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is entered accurately, as it is the information you provide that will be used for billing and recording your booking. Please note that an incorrect e-mail address or a full mailbox may result in non-delivery of the confirmation and prevent the conclusion of the contract. If the Guest has finalised his/her order and discovers an error in the data provided, he/she must initiate a modification of the reservation as soon as possible. The Guest can notify the Service Provider of the change of the incorrect reservation by sending an e-mail from the e-mail address provided at the time of ordering or by calling the Service Provider.

8.2. Booking by phone, email

If the Guest wishes to order the services on the Website by phone or email, he/she may do so through the contact details (phone number, email address) of the Service Provider on the Website.

If the Guest places the reservation by telephone, the placing of the order initiated by the Guest will be recorded in the Service Provider’s system by telephone with the express consent of the Guest.

In order to place an order, the Guest shall name the service(s) he/she wishes to order, and the Service Provider’s staff shall inform the Guest by telephone about the content, characteristics and details of the selected Services, the price and payment methods, the cancellation conditions and the fact that the order placed is subject to payment. The Guest provides the necessary information (full name, email address, billing address, telephone number, arrival and departure dates, number of Guests, selected accommodation) to enable the Service Provider to record the reservation.

After making a reservation by phone, the Guest will receive an email from the Service Provider within 48 hours confirming the reservation. The confirmation email will contain these GTC, a detailed description of the service ordered, the price, a description of the payment method and the payment deadline. If the confirmation email is not received by the Guest within 48 hours of the booking, the Guest is no longer bound by the offer. This confirmation email constitutes the contract between the Service Provider and the Guest.

In case of booking by email, the booking order must include the guest’s name, phone number, email address, billing address, the service to be booked (selected accommodation, arrival and departure dates, number of Guests). The Service Provider will confirm the booking by email as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours, attaching these GTC. The contract between the Service Provider and the Guest is concluded with the confirmation email.

9. Payment methods

Guests can pay using the following payment methods when booking the accommodation online:

  1. Bank transfer: you can also pay for the Service by bank transfer. In the order confirmation, the Service Provider will provide you with the necessary information for the transfer. The Guest must pay the full amount of the service no later than one week after placing the order. In the communication, the Guest can transfer the purchase price by referring to the order number.

    Name of the bank: MKB Bank Zrt.
    Account holder: Vénu Kft.
    Account number: 10300002-10632408-49020012

    The reservation will be considered final only if the full amount of the reservation is received by the Service Provider within 7 calendar days. Please indicate the Booking reference in the comment.
  2. Simple credit card payment (OTP Group)

    The Simple Online Payment System is developed and operated by OTP Mobil Kft. The OTP Mobil Kft. is a member of the OTP Group.

    Customers using the service can choose Simple’s simple and secure payment solution for online purchases. They can then make their payments in the usual way, through Simple.

    The payment procedure is the same as that offered by banks in a similar service. During the service, Simple transactions are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of the user, and therefore the cardholder, and to help prevent unexpected events.

    1. Click on the “Pay” button and you will be redirected to the Simple payment page where you can start the transaction by entering your credit card details. 2. After entering your card details, please check that they are correct.
    3. Processing of the transaction is initiated in the bank’s processing systems.
    4. You will also be notified of your payment result by e-mail and Simple will redirect you back to the webshop page.

    For more information: https://www.simple.hu/Fooldal
  3. Pay via PayPal

    Payment using PayPal is made in PayPal’s secure system, and the Service Provider does not have access to any data used for payment.

    For each payment method, the full amount of the service (not the deposit) is payable in advance!

When booking by phone or email, the Guest can only pay by bank transfer.

10. Conditions for using the Service

10.1. Check-in

The general check-in is between 9:00 and 15:00, but we will do our best to accommodate you earlier or later (by prior arrangement). It is however possible to drop off luggage prior to check-in if desired. The keys will be given to the Guest after the administration.

Please note that to book accommodation, you must check in on site, as part of the process the Guest’s ID will be scanned. You can read more about this in the Service Provider’s Privacy Policy!

10.2. Check-out

Checkout time is 10:00. Please inform us in advance if you need to check out later, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Keys can be left at reception on departure. Please lock the main entrance door when leaving. In case you have not handed in your keys at check-out, please contact reception to discuss further arrangements.

10.3. Duration of the Service (extension of the accommodation service, early departure)

The contract is concluded for a fixed period of time, corresponding to the period of use of the service.

The extension of the duration of the contract at the initiative of the Guest is possible with the consent of the Service Provider. You must notify the Service Provider of your intention to extend the period one day before the day of check-out.

If the Guest leaves the accommodation before the end of the period (before the check-out date), the Service Provider is entitled to the full amount of the price.

10.4. Lost key or damage to locks

The cost for replacement of lost room keys or damaged locks is applicable and a total amount of 10,000 HUF for lost keys and 30,000 HUF for lock replacement to be paid immediately.

10.5. Provisions and discounts for children

Children under 6 years stay free of charge when sharing a room with their parents without extra bed.

Children aged 6-12 are to pay full rate.

You must be aged 16 years or over to make a booking with us and you must be aged 16 years or over to stay alone.

If a customer arrives at the hotel and is under 18 years of age, the customer will not be permitted to stay alone.

10.6. Maximum occupancy

The maximum number of Guests allowed in a reserved room type must not be exceeded. The maximum occupancies are set out below.

If you wish to add an extra bed to your room, please contact reception directly.

Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay alone in the guest houses. You must not leave under 18s unattended in any rooms or public areas at any times.

Double rooms
2 adults; or
1 adult and 1 child (under 18)

Triple rooms
3 adults; or
2 adult and 1 child (under 18)
1 adult and 2 children (under 18)

Single rooms
1 adult only

Dormitory bed
1 adult; or
1 child (when accompanied by an adult staying in another bed in the same room)

Small tent
2 adults; or
1 adult and 1 child (under 18)

Big Tent
4 adults, or
3 adults and 1 child (under 18);
2 adults and 2 children (under 18);
1 adult and 3 children (under 18).

10.7. Guest Terms and Conditions of Conduct, Obligations of Guests

Guesthouses are for spiritual seekers – we ask all our guests to respect the following principles during their stay:

  1. It is forbidden to eat meat, including fish or eggs, in our accommodation. (Please do not bring such products into the guest houses.)
  2. No gambling, online or offline.
  3. No intoxications, including smoking, drugs or alcohol.
  4. No sexual activity.
  5. You must not bring potentially dangerous or otherwise risky objects into our premises.
  6. It is forbidden to damage or destroy objects on the premises of the Service Provider. In case of breach of this, the Service Provider may terminate the contract with immediate effect.
  7. Cooking appliances, including microwaves, fridges, freezers and toasters, must not be used in the guest house (except those available in the family house in the village). We provide a toaster oven in the common kitchen at the Kamala guesthouse. Water boilers can be provided for the rooms upon request.
  8. Televisions and radios are not allowed in any guest house.
  9. Avoid making noise or disturbing other guests in the house, and instruments and/or other sound sources should be operated at a volume that does not disturb or annoy other guests. Guests are kindly requested to refrain from noise in the building, in the courtyard or directly in front of the building.
  10. If we receive complaints, you will be given a warning. Further complaints are subject to the termination of stay.

10.8. Conditions of use of rooms

Please do not use flammable materials for heating, cooking or similar activities, irons, candles, etc. in the guest rooms or hallways. without the prior permission of the receptionist.

Cooking, eating and storing food in the rooms is not allowed.

Please do not use the guest rooms for business purposes or for any other purpose outside the use of the accommodation without the consent of the receptionist.

10.9. Valuables, security and storage

The Service Provider is not responsible for lost items. While the management of the Guest House takes responsible steps to ensure the safety and security of all guests and their property, the ultimate responsibility for this rests with the Guests.

The Service Provider is only liable for the Guest’s belongings if the Service Provider has taken them into custody.

10.10. Parking

Parking is available free of charge for all guests.

Guests of Gurudeva Bhavana are not allowed to park next to the accommodation – they have to park in front of the temple in Gauranga Square.

For packing in and out you may unload next to the accommodation for a maximum of 20 minutes before parking in Gauranga square.

Kamala guesthouse guests can park in front of the accommodation or in the courtyard next to the building.

Do not leave valuables in the car when parking. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any such articles while your car is parked.

10.11. Pets and assistance dogs

Pets are not allowed in any of the guesthouses.

For guests with guide dogs and dogs with a voice signal, Kamala Guest House is available to bring them in free of charge. You are kindly requested to consult the Service Provider in advance about this request.

The Service Provider’s house rules contain important rules, which must be observed by the Guest and any other person arriving with the Guest. On receipt, please read this document, which has been published on the Service Provider’s website and posted at various locations throughout the Service Provider.

10.12. The Guest’s liability for damages

The Guest shall be liable for any damage caused to the Service Provider or to third parties by the Guest or his/her companion or persons under his/her responsibility.

10.13. The Service Provider’s liability for damages

The Service Provider shall be liable for any damage within its facilities caused by the fault of the Service Provider or its employees. However, the Service Provider’s liability for damages shall not extend to damages caused by an unavoidable cause beyond the control of the Service Provider’s employees and guests, or caused by the Guest.

11. Placement guarantee

If the Service Provider is unable to provide the Services under the Service Contract due to its own fault (e.g. temporary operational problems, etc.), it shall immediately arrange accommodation for the Guest.

In the first instance, the Service Provider is entitled to initiate a modification of the contract, i.e. to offer another date for the provision of the Service. The Service Provider shall inform you of this no later than 15 days prior to the reservation. If it is not possible to modify the contract, i.e. to agree on a later date with the Guest, the Service Provider is obliged to arrange accommodation for the Guest in another way.

In the above case, the Service Provider is obliged to provide/offer the Services included in the Service Contract, at the price confirmed therein, for the period of time specified therein – or until the obstacle ceases to exist – in another accommodation of the same category. All additional costs of providing the replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider. The Service Provider will reimburse the Guest for the difference between the price of the replacement accommodation offered and the price of the accommodation booked. The Guest is under no obligation to accept any substitute service offered. In this case the contract will be cancelled and the fee paid will be refunded to the Guest.

If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations and the Guest has accepted the alternative accommodation offered to him/her, the Guest may not claim any subsequent compensation.

12. Accessories warranty

Incorrect performance

The Civil Code (Civil Code) 6:157. § on defective performance, the obligor (Service Provider) shall be deemed to have performed defectively if the service does not meet the quality requirements laid down in the contract or by law at the time of performance.

In the event of such defective performance, the Customer shall be entitled to the following rights of warranty and may exercise the following rights:
In which cases can you exercise your right to a warranty?
In the event of defective performance by the Service Provider, you may assert a claim against the Service Provider for defective performance in accordance with the rules of the Civil Code.

What rights do you have under a warranty claim?

You may – at your option – make the following warranty claims:

You may request a repair or replacement, unless one of these is impossible or would impose disproportionate additional costs on the Service Provider compared to other requests. If you have not requested or could not request the repair or replacement, you may request a proportionate reduction in the price or, as a last resort, withdraw from the contract.

You can switch from one warranty right to another, but you will bear the cost of the switch unless it was justified or the Service Provider gave a reason for it.

What is the time limit for you to claim your warranty?

You must notify us of the defect as soon as you discover it, but no later than two months after the defect is discovered. Please note, however, that you cannot claim any rights to claim damages beyond the two-year limitation period from the date of performance of the contract.

The limitation period does not include the part of the repair period during which the Customer cannot use the service as intended.

For the part of the Service affected by the replacement or repair, the limitation period for the claim for the provision of the Service shall start to run again. This rule also applies in the event of a new defect arising as a result of the correction.

Who can you claim against?

You may assert a warranty claim against the Service Provider.

What other conditions are there for the enforcement of your rights under the warranty?

Within one year from the date of performance, you may claim for a replacement warranty on the basis of the defect, provided that you prove that the service was provided by the Service Provider. However, after one year from the date of performance, you will have to prove that the defect you discovered existed at the time of performance.

Procedure in the event of a warranty claim

In a contract between a consumer and a business, the agreement of the parties may not derogate from the provisions of the Regulation to the detriment of the consumer.

The onus is on the consumer to prove that the contract has been concluded (with an invoice or even just a receipt). The costs related to the fulfilment of the warranty obligation shall be borne by the Service Provider (Civil Code, § 6:166).

The Service Provider is obliged to keep a record of the consumer’s warranty claim notified to him. A copy of the report shall be made available to the consumer without delay in a verifiable manner.

If the Service Provider is unable to declare the enforceability of the consumer’s warranty claim at the time of its notification, it shall notify the consumer of its position within five working days in a verifiable manner, including the reasons for the rejection of the claim and the possibility of recourse to the conciliation body.

The Service Provider shall keep the minutes for three years from the date of their recording and shall produce them at the request of the supervisory authority.

13. Conditions for cancelling the service

Information on the exclusion of the consumer’s right of termination The Service Provider expressly draws your attention to the fact that you may not exercise your right of termination under the provisions of the Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) Regulation 29. §. (1)(l) for the provision of accommodation, given that the contract is a contract for the provision of services related to leisure activities with a fixed deadline for performance.

However, if it is necessary to cancel a booked appointment, the Guest may cancel the reservation free of charge if the Guest informs the Service Provide of his intent to cancel the reservation 7 days before the Service start date.. If the Guest withdraws from the contract within this period, the Service Provider shall refund the total amount paid by the Guest without delay, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

The Guest has the right to notify the Service Provider of his/her intention to change the accommodation no later than 7 days prior to the start date indicated in the reservation.

In the event of cancellation after the above deadline, the amount paid shall be considered a cancellation fee and shall not be refundable to the Guest by the Service Provider.

If the Guest cancels the service before the 7th day prior to the start date indicated in the reservation, the Guest must pay the full price. until the day of cancellation the Service Provider will not refund the booking fee.

14. Termination of the Service Provider with immediate effect

The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the Contract in writing with immediate effect in the following cases:

  • If the Guest does not pay the reservation fee within the time limit set by the Service Provider
  • If the Guest uses the guest houses or the Service Provider’s facilities improperly or intentionally causes damage to them
  • If the Guest disturbs the house rules of the accommodation (in particular the rules set out in clause 10.8) and does not stop the disturbing behaviour despite being asked to do so.

15. Complaints and redress

The consumer may submit consumer complaints about the services or the activities of the Service Provider using the following contact details:

  • Telephone: 06 30 239 9265
  • Internet address: vendeghaz.krisnavolgy.hu
  • E-mail: [email protected]

A consumer may communicate to the business, orally or in writing, a complaint about the conduct, activity or omission of the business or of a person acting in the business’s interest or on the business’s behalf directly related to the marketing or sale of goods to consumers.

The business must investigate the oral complaint immediately and remedy it as necessary. If the consumer does not agree with the handling of the complaint or if it is not possible to investigate the complaint immediately, the undertaking must immediately take a record of the complaint and its position on it and, in the case of a face-to-face oral complaint, give a copy of the record to the consumer on the spot. In the case of a verbal complaint made by telephone or other electronic communications service, the consumer must receive a reply on the substance of the complaint within 30 days at the latest, in accordance with the provisions applicable to replies to written complaints. In other respects, it shall act on the written complaint as follows. Unless otherwise provided for in a directly applicable legal act of the European Union, the undertaking must reply in writing to the written complaint within thirty days of receipt must and take steps to communicate the complaint. A shorter time limit may be laid down by law or a longer time limit by statute. The undertaking must state the reasons for rejecting the complaint. Oral complaints made by telephone or by electronic communication services must be given a unique identification number by the undertaking.

The record of the complaint must include the following:

  1. the name and address of the consumer,
  2. where, when and how the complaint was lodged,
  3. a detailed description of the consumer’s complaint, a list of the documents, records and other evidence presented by the consumer,
  4. a statement of the business’s position on the consumer’s complaint, if an immediate investigation of the complaint is possible,
  5. the signature of the person who took the report and, except in the case of an oral complaint made by telephone or other electronic communication service, the signature of the consumer,
  6. the place and time of recording of the complaint,
  7. in the case of an oral complaint made by telephone or other electronic communication service, the unique identification number of the complaint.

The undertaking must keep a record of the complaint and a copy of the reply for five years and present it to the supervisory authorities at their request.

If the complaint is rejected, the business must inform the consumer in writing of the authority or conciliation body to which he or she may refer the complaint, depending on its nature. The information must also include the location, telephone and internet contact details and the postal address of the competent authority or conciliation body in the consumer’s place of residence or domicile. The information should also include whether the business will use the conciliation procedure to resolve the consumer dispute. If any consumer dispute between the Service Provider and the consumer is not resolved during the negotiations, the following enforcement options are open to the consumer:

Consumer protection procedure

Complain to the consumer authorities. If a consumer notices a breach of his or her consumer rights, he or she has the right to lodge a complaint with the consumer protection authority in his or her place of residence. Once the complaint has been dealt with, the authority will decide whether to proceed with the consumer protection procedure. The first level consumer protection authorities are the government offices of the capital city and county where the consumer resides, a list of which can be found here: http://www.kormanyhivatal.hu/

Court proceedings

The customer is entitled to enforce his/her claim arising from a consumer dispute before the court in civil proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code 2013. V of 2016 and the 2016 Act on the Code of Civil Procedure. CXXX. according to the provisions of the law.

Conciliation Body procedure

Please note that you can lodge a consumer complaint with us. If your consumer complaint is rejected, you also have the right to apply to the Conciliation Body competent for your place of residence or domicile: the conciliation procedure can only be initiated if the consumer tries to settle the dispute directly with the business concerned. The conciliation body indicated in the consumer’s request is competent to take the procedure, instead of the competent body, at the consumer’s request.

The company has a duty to cooperate in the conciliation procedure.

The conciliation body is responsible for settling consumer disputes out of court. The role of the conciliation body is to attempt to reach an agreement between the parties to resolve the consumer dispute and, if this is not successful, to rule on the case in order to ensure the simple, quick, efficient and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. The conciliation body advises consumers or businesses on their rights and obligations at their request.

The conciliation body’s proceedings are initiated at the request of the consumer. The request must be made in writing to the chairman of the conciliation body: the requirement of written form may be met by letter, telegram, telex, telefax or any other means which permits the recipient to store the data permanently for a period of time adequate for the purposes for which it was intended and to display the data in unchanged form and content. The application must include

  1. the name, residence or domicile of the consumer,
  2. the name, registered office or place of business of the business involved in the consumer dispute,
  3. if the consumer has requested the designation of the competent conciliation body instead of the body having jurisdiction,
  4. a brief description of the consumer’s position, the facts supporting it and the evidence to support it,
  5. a statement by the consumer that the consumer has tried to resolve the dispute directly with the business concerned
  6. a declaration by the consumer that he has not initiated proceedings before any other conciliation body, that no mediation procedure has been initiated, that no application for a claim has been lodged or that no application for an order for payment has been submitted,
  7. a motion for a decision of the panel,
  8. the consumer’s signature.

The request must be accompanied by the document or a copy (extract) of the document to the content of which the consumer refers as evidence, in particular the written statement by the undertaking rejecting the complaint or, failing this, any other written evidence available to the consumer that the required conciliation has been attempted.

If the consumer acts through an authorised representative, the authorisation must be attached to the application.

More information on the Conciliation Boards is available here: http://www.bekeltetes.hu

For more information on the local Conciliation Boards, please visit: https://bekeltetes.hu/index.php?id=testuletek

Contact details for each of the regional Conciliation Boards:

Baranya County Conciliation Board
Address: 7625 Pécs, Majorossy I. u. 36.
Postal address: 7625 Pécs, Majorossy I. u. 36
Phone number: 06-72-507-154
Mobile: +36 20 283-3422
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.baranyabekeltetes.hu

Bács-Kiskun County Arbitration Board
Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Árpád krt. 4.
Postal address: 6001 Kecskemét, Pf.228.
Phone numbers: 06-76-501-500; 06-76-501-525, 06-70-938-4765, 06-70-938-4764
Fax: 06-76-501-538
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bacsbekeltetes.hu

Békés Vármegyei Arbitration Board
Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Penza ltp. 5.
Phone number: 06-66-324-976
Fax: 06-66-324-976
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bmkik.hu

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Arbitration Board
Address: 3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. 1.
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekeltetes.borsodmegye.hu

Budapest Conciliation Board
Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. I. em. 111.
Postal address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.:10.
Phone number: +36-1-488-21-31
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: bekeltet.bkik.hu

Csongrád-Csanád County Conciliation Board
Address: 6721 Szeged, Párizsi krt. 8-12.
Phone number: 06-62-554-250/118
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekeltetes-csongrad.hu

Fejér County Conciliation Board
Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Hosszúsétatér 4-6.
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekeltetesfejer.hu

Győr-Moson-Sopron County Conciliation Board
Address: 9021 Győr, Szent István út 10/a.
Phone number: 06-96-520-217
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekeltetesgyor.hu

Hajdú-Bihar County Arbitration Board
Address: 4025 Debrecen, Vörösmarty u. 13-15.
Phone numbers: 06-52-500-710; 06-52-500-745
Fax: 06-52-500-720
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]
Website: www.hbmbekeltetes.hu

Heves County Conciliation Board
Address: 3300 Eger, Hadnagy u. 6. fsz. 1.
Postal address: 3300 Eger, Faiskola u. 15.
Phone number: 06-36-416-660/105 extension
Mobile: 06-30-967-4336
E-mail: [email protected]

Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Arbitration Board
Address: 5000 Szolnok, Verseghy park 8. III. floor 303-304.
Mobile: 06-20-373-2570
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.jaszbekeltetes.hu

Komárom-Esztergom County Conciliation Board
Address: 2800 Tatabánya, Fő tér 36.
Phone numbers: 06-34-513-010; 06-34-513-012
Mobile: 06-30-201-1647; 06-30-201-1877
E-mail: [email protected]

Nógrád County Arbitration Board
Address: 3100 Salgótarján, Mártírok útja 4.
Phone number: 06-32-520-860
Fax: 06-32-520-862
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.nkik.hu

Pest County Conciliation Board
Address: 1055 Budapest, Balassi Bálint u. 25. IV/2.
Phone number: 06-1-269-0703
Fax: 06-1-474-7921
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://panaszrendezes.hu/

Somogy County Conciliation Board
Address: 7400 Kaposvár, Anna u.6.
Phone number: 06-82-501-000
E-mail: [email protected]

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Arbitration Board
Address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Széchenyi u. 2.
Phone number: +36-42-420-280
Fax: +36-42-420-180
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekeltetes-szabolcs.hu

Tolna County Conciliation Board
Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Arany J. u. 23-25. III. floor
Phone number: 06-74-411-661
Fax: 06-74-411-456
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Vas Várm County Conciliation Board
Address: 9700 Szombathely, Honvéd tér 2.
Phone number: 06-94-506-645
Fax: 06-94-316-936
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.vasibekelteto.hu

Veszprém County Conciliation Board
Address: 8200 Veszprém, Radnóti tér 1. ground floor 115-116.
Phone numbers: 06-88-814-121; 06-88-814-111
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekeltetesveszprem.hu

Zala County Conciliation Board
Address: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Petőfi út 24.
Phone number: 06-92-550-513
Fax: 06-92-550-525
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bekelteteszala.hu

Online dispute resolution platform

The European Commission has set up a website where consumers can register to resolve their online shopping disputes by filling in an application form and avoiding court proceedings. This allows consumers to enforce their rights without being prevented from doing so, for example, by distance.

If you want to make a complaint about a product or service you bought online and don’t necessarily want to go to court, you can use the online dispute resolution tool.
On the portal, you and the trader you have complained against can jointly choose the dispute resolution body you want to deal with your complaint.

The online dispute resolution platform is available here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show&lng=HU

16. Copyright

The Copyright Act 1999. LXXVI. Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Copyright Act”), Article 1 (1), the Website is a copyright work, so all parts of it are protected by copyright. Pursuant to Article 16 (1), the unauthorized use of the graphic and software solutions, computer program creations on the Website, or the use of any application that may modify the Website or any part thereof is prohibited. Any material may be reproduced from the Website and its database only with the written consent of the copyright holder and with reference to the Website and acknowledgement of the source. The rights owner is Vénu Kft.

17. Miscellaneous provisions

17.1. Amendments to the GTC

The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify these General Terms and Conditions. The amendments do not apply to contracts already concluded. The Service Provider shall also publish any changes on the Website, without being obliged to send a separate notification of the changes. The amendments are valid and effective from the date of publication. It is the Guest’s express obligation to monitor the content of the current GTC for the duration of the contract.

17.2. Sales abroad

The Seller does not differentiate between Guests within the territory of Hungary and those outside the territory of the European Union when using the Website. Service provider on the website

does not apply different general conditions of access to services for reasons related to the nationality, residence or place of establishment of the Guest.

The Service Provider shall not apply different conditions to the payment transaction for the payment methods it accepts for reasons related to the nationality, residence or place of establishment of the Customer, the place of holding of the payment account, the place of establishment of the payment service provider or the place of issue of the cash substitute payment instrument within the Union.

17.3. Partial invalidity, code of conduct

If a clause of the GTC is legally invalid or ineffective, the remaining clauses of the contract remain in force and the provisions of the applicable legislation apply in place of the invalid or defective part. The Service Provider does not have a code of conduct.
Present GTC 23.11.2023. shall enter into force on the day of its entry into force and shall remain in force until its withdrawal.