Education in Krishna Valley

Currently, there is an accredited primary school, kindergarten and secondary school in Krisna-völgy. Class rooms are located in three school buildings, from the first to the eighth grade. In 2022 high school was also officialy registered and the first students were able to continue their education in our local school. Up and until September 2022 the school only went up to the ninth grade.

I thought the best way to introduce the school would be by interviewing on of the school’s students.

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The temple

In our last blog post, our journey ended at the horticulture behind the temple, where we will now continue our imaginary tour. It is said that all roads lead to Rome. In Krishna Valley, all roads lead to the temple. No matter where you started your journey, it usually ends at the temple. Looking at the map, we can see that the temple is centrally located. The school, the barn and even the horticulture were built around the main building, the temple.
The main reason for this is that the monks who live here spend their whole lives serving God. They start and end the day with morning prayer. During the day, they are either busy engaged in their services around the farm or and they are on their way to the temple. Later on, I will explain this in more detail, as it is a very broad topic, and much can be said about it.

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Autumn in Krishna Valley

“Autumn is here, here again.”

Autumn has finally arrived in Krishna Valley, which can mean only one thing! For those wishing to hike in a landscape full of silence and tranquility, Krishna Valley is the perfect location and even more so in the autumn. As soon as you stepp past the gate, you will immediately feel as if you have entered another dimension. The autumn landscape, which is truly wonderful and mysterious, captivates everyone right away. During the walk, you will pass by the beautiful Yamuna river, have an oppertunity to walk in the small zigzag forest paths, pass the dairy farm, the horticulture and the bamboo tunnel, which all provide an exciting experience for both adults and children.

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