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Cow protection project

On our farm we are proud to house a herd of 62 cows, oxen and calves. As part of our cow protection program, none of our herd members are ever sent to slaughter! They all pass their lives happily in the green pastures and barn until their natural death.

The cows provide the community with  fresh and tasty milk and the oxen help us with cultivating the land and transporting equipment and people around the farm. We are now in the process of building a grinding mill in which we can create our own flour with the help of the oxen.

The cows or oxen who have grown old or weak are given a comfortable life as they pass the remainder of their days as retired herd members. These precious beings are seen as family members of the community and are an integral part of it. 

Visitors to the farm are welcome to come visit the barns and meet the herd members. Guided tours of the farm are conducted regularly on an ox pulled cart, we welcome you to join.

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