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Autumn in Krishna Valley

“Autumn is here, here again.”

Autumn has finally arrived in Krishna Valley, which can mean only one thing! For those wishing to hike in a landscape full of silence and tranquility, Krishna Valley is the perfect location and even more so in the autumn. As soon as you stepp past the gate, you will immediately feel as if you have entered another dimension. The autumn landscape, which is truly wonderful and mysterious, captivates everyone right away. During the walk, you will pass by the beautiful Yamuna river, have an oppertunity to walk in the small zigzag forest paths, pass the dairy farm, the horticulture and the bamboo tunnel, which all provide an exciting experience for both adults and children.

Krishna Valley is well known for being a calm and peaceful location, in the autumn it is even more so. While during the spring and summer, many visitors might cross your path, in the fall you can walk around this wonderful place in a much more in-depth way.

September, October and November are the months when nature and its animals prepare for the long winter. However, this transitional period is just as captivating as when nature prepares for summer. What makes this autumn even more special is the weather. The weather is very mild, it doesn’t rain every day, so if someone chooses a good time, a thin jacket is enough for the walk.

Come and experience what an autumn walk in Krishna Valley is like!

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