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The temple

In our last blog post, our journey ended at the horticulture behind the temple, where we will now continue our imaginary tour. It is said that all roads lead to Rome. In Krishna Valley, all roads lead to the temple. No matter where you started your journey, it usually ends at the temple. Looking at the map, we can see that the temple is centrally located. The school, the barn and even the horticulture were built around the main building, the temple.
The main reason for this is that the monks who live here spend their whole lives serving God. They start and end the day with morning prayer. During the day, they are either busy engaged in their services around the farm or and they are on their way to the temple. Later on, I will explain this in more detail, as it is a very broad topic, and much can be said about it.

As we continue along the small path leading to the temple, the first thing we come across is a huge tent that we tend to use during the spring and summer months. This is where we hold our well-known festivals and share our meals when the weather does not permit outside dining. A huge willow tree stands by the tent, from where the guided tours start.

Moving on, we reach the main entrance of the temple. You can enter the temple through one of the three doors present. The two entrences on the opposite of the building are the women’s and men’s entrances. Entering in the middle doors, you will find the shop and the guest welcoming center. In this entrence room, sofas and armchairs ensure that guests can occupy themselves comfortably until the tour begins.

The building’s corridors are designed in a pattern of a circular corridor, which allows to go all around the building. Turning to the right, you can taste sublime vegan and vegetarian dishes in our restaurant. Indian dishes are very special and delicious. If the weather is good, you can also enjoy these delicacies on the terrace. What is very special is that in the restaurant, dishes are prepared from local products and everything is vegetarian. Dairy products are also used only from Krishna Valley’s milk.

The corridors are decorated with 3D paintings depicting the stories of Krishna, created by local artists and restored from time to time. It is also worth mentioning similar pictures can also be seen inside the temple room.

I have a favorite saying which I once heard from one of our spiritual teachers. In the spiritual world, every day is a festival, every word a song and every step a dance.

The spiritual world is a wonderful place that we all want to return to at the end of our lives, but in the meantime, the temple reflects its atmosphere.

In our next bog post we will go into the temple room, which is the most beautiful sight in the entire Krishna Valley. I will do my best to describe its beauty, but right now I recommend everyone to come and see it for yourself if you can, because the description and the pictures can’t really show the magic that you feel when you enter the temple room.

Meet you again next week!

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