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Krishna Valley: From then to now

Krishna Valley, an ecological farm community, was first established in 1993. The vision was to create an alternative way of living, separate from modern day civilization. The center of the community would be it’s temple and spiritual practices. The sustenance of this project would be through self sufficient means.

When we first purchased the initial 300 acres of land, nothing more than fields and scattered  wooded areas could be found. 27 years later, we have now become one of Europe’s largest ecological farm communities and, arguably, Hungary’s most famous spiritual center. During these years we have cultivated the fields, created a small lake that runs through a long section of the property and is fed by natural springs, planted orchards and fire wood forests, created an organic vegetable garden, established a cow protection project, built houses for our volunteers, opened a school and nursery and so much more. 

You may never remain content with what you see when you visit, as Krishna Valley continues to renew itself day by day and often has something new to see. The project which we envisioned when we first embarked on the journey of establishing Krishna Valley has yet to be completed and we are working hard each day to  attain the goals of complete self-sufficiency, ecological farming, a spiritual center and a lively community. Keep in touch to stay up to date with our many endeavours and achievements.

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